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Systems Security

Cyber-Physical Systems Security Summit 2020

In Partnership with the State of Michigan’s MEDC!

March 10-11, 2020

Troy Marriott
200 W. Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan

Anthony TuttleAnthony Tuttle is a Michigan transplant and former educator turned marketer turned cybersecurity community builder. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education from North Carolina State University before earning his Master of Arts in Management from the Wake Forest University School of Business.

Before joining WMCAT, Anthony worked at Steelcase where he focused on the intersection of furniture and technology, and managed multiple products that solved for the needs of both end users and IT decision makers. It was in this role where he solidified his belief that success in business lies at the intersection of education, technology, design, and human behavior. In essence: life is interdisciplinary, and diversity matters.

Currently, Anthony is working to increase awareness, build excitement around, and provide equitable access to cybersecurity trainings and other technology resources in our community. As program manager of the Cyber Hub at WMCAT, he is leading WMCAT’s efforts to build a diverse and inclusive cybersecurity and technology talent pipeline in here West Michigan.

At heart, Anthony is a learner and an educator who is passionate about equipping individuals – especially those with multicultural backgrounds and from underrepresented communities – with the knowledge and skills that will develop them holistically, allow them to make economic progress in their lives, and make positive impacts in their communities.