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Power & Mobility

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013                    

Al Grein, Associate Director (AD), Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility (GVPM), TARDEC

1:10pm…Looking 10 Years Out in Heavy Duty Propulsion
Gary Rogers, President/CEO, FEV Engine Technology

1:40pm… Paper:  A New Technique to Enable Diesel Engines to Autonomically Operate on Different Military Fuels - Download paper
Dr. Naeim Henein, Director, Center for Automotive Research, Wayne State University

2:10pm… Paper:  Spray & Liquid Length Characteristics of Tetradecane - Download paper
Jeff Naber, Ron & Elaine Starr Professor in Energy Systems, Michigan Tech University


3:30pm… Engine Reliability
Pete Schihl, Senior Technical Expert, GVPM, TARDEC

Panel Members
Jeff Dowell, Director, Product Assurance, AM General LLC
Dr. Harold Schock, Professor and Director of the Energy & Automotive Research Laboratory, Michigan State University
Dr. Steve Hewitt, Director - V903 Defense Business, Cummins Inc
Gary Hunter, Director - R&D, AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc.



 Thursday, August 22, 2013

8:00am… Welcome
Al Grein, Associate Director (AD), Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility (GVPM), TARDEC

8:05am…Mobility Demonstrator
Mike Blain, Deputy AD, GVPM, TARDEC

8:35am…… Paper:  Design, Development and Testing of Hybrid-Electric Snowmobile for Reduced Noise Applications -Download paper
David LaRoy, Engineering Specialist, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS)

9:05am…… Paper:  A Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain - Download Paper
Yantao Song, Research Assistant, Michigan State University


10:30am…… Paper:  Zero Rare-Earth Magnet Integrated Starter-Generator Development for Military Vehicle Applications - Download paper
Katherine Riley, Advanced Development Engineer, Remy International, Inc

11:00am… Paper:  Global Strategies for Optimizing the Reliability and Performance of U.S. Army Mobile Power Transfer Systems - Download paper
Annette G. Skowronska, Research Scientist, TARDEC

11:30am… Paper: High Efficiency Variable Speed Versatile Power Air Conditioning System for Military Vehicles - Download paper
Kaveh Khalili, Director of Science and Technology, Rocky Research


1:00pm.. Future Technology Interest of Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCOE)
Ted Maciuba, Deputy Director, Mounted Requirements MCOE

1:30pm… Paper:  A Non-Catalytic Fuel Flexible Reformer - Download paper
Chien-Hua, R&D Engineer, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

2:00pm… Paper:  AVL Auxiliary Power Unit - JP8 Performance - Download paper
Russell Truemner, Research & Development Engineer, AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc.


3:00pm…Paper: Reserve State of Health (RSOH) Implications of Lead Acid Battery Over-Discharge - Download paper
Clint Brown, Project Engineer, Ultra Electronics

3:30pm… Paper: High Voltage vs. Low Voltage: Potential in Military Systems - Download paper
Anthony Knakal, Director of Program Management, Navitas Systems

4:00pm… Paper: Pack Level Performance Results for a Universal Lithium Ion Battery Management System - Download paper
Dr. Bruce R. Pilvelait, Engineer, Creare Inc.