GVSETS revised

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jim Riser, Director Army Mission Systems, BAE Systems

1:10pm…Navistar Defense and Commercial Vehicle Electronics Initiatives
Regis Luther, Vice President, Navistar

1:55pm… Paper:  Beyond VICTORY-Cloud Computing in Military Vehicles - Download paper
David Jedynak, Chief Technical Officer, Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions


3:30pm… Paper: High Performance Vetronic Architecture Exploiting Leading Edge High Density Electronics - Download paper
Andrew Silveri, Subsystem Thrust Leader, GDLS

4:00pm… Paper: The TeamView System - Full Motion Immersive Video Advanced Situational Awareness in All Environments - Download paper

David Millspaugh, Program Manager, BAE Systems Integrated Vision Solutions 
Chris Kohl, Systems Engineer, BAE Systems Integrated Vision Solutions
Michael T. Brown, Business Development, BAE Systems
Bob Huey, Software Engineer, BAE Systems
Gary Morris, Business Development, BAE Systems
Eric Hoenes, Technical Director, BAE Systems

5:00 pm…Close

Thursday, August 22, 2013

8:00 am… Welcome
Jim Riser, Director Army Mission Systems, BAE Systems

8:05am…An Overview of CERDEC effort for Integrated Low Observable Communicat
Dr. Mahbub Hoque, Chief Scientist (STCD) and Division Chief Antennas and Spectrum Analysis Division Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, CERDEC

8:35am… Paper: Open Standard Approach for Parallel Development of High Performance -Download paper

 C4ISR/EW Capabilities for Ground V
William Pilaud, Chief Architect, Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions


10:30am… Paper: GPS Signal Distribution Approaching Victory - Download paper
Brian Paul, Engineer, GPS Source, Inc.




Thursday, August 22, 2013 Continued                                  

11:00am… Paper: Simplified Middleware to Increase Ground Tactical Vehicle System Availability - Download paper
Tri Nguyen, Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Software Architect, Northrop Grumman
Tim Mori, Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Software Deputy Manager, Northrop Grumman

11:30am… Paper: Autonomy and Visualization Enhancement for Situational Awareness - Download paper
Edward Mottern, Director of Programs, Robotic Research LLC

Anne Schneider, Engineer, Robotic Research LLC
Alberto Lacaze, President, ESEP, Robotic Research LLC
Chris Jones, Engineer, Robotic Research LLC
Karl Murphy, Vice President, Robotic Research, LLC
Graham Fiorani, Engineer, TARDEC, GVR


1:00pm... Paper: Liquid Cooling for Next Gen Rugged COTS Modules - Download paper
Ivan Straznicky, Technical Fellow, Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions

1:30pm… Paper: Application of Bi-Directional Electric Vehicle Aggregation in a Cyber Secure Microgrid Controller - Download paper
Dr. Darrell Massie, Ph.D., P.E., Founder, Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corp
Dr. Peter Curtiss, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Engineer, Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corp
Sean Mitchuem, Principal Analyst, Southwest Research Institute

2:00pm… Paper: High Performance Controllers Based on Real Parameters to Account for Parameter Variations due to Iron Saturation - Download paper
Jorge G. Cintron-Rivera, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Shanelle N. Foster, Graduate Student, Michigan State University
Dr. Wesley G. Zanardelli, Engineer, TARDEC
Dr. Elias G. Strangas, Professor, Michigan State University


Additional Authors & Presenters:
TeamView Full Motion Immersive Video
Michael T. Brown, Business Development, BAE Systems
Gary Morris, Business Development, BAE Systems