NDIA - Michigan Chapter STEM Scholarship Application

2024 Scholarship Program Application

You must be a Michigan resident, or Active Duty Military/ family member with duty station in Michigan to be eligible.

Personal Information

I am currently a student in...
Are you also attending college?
Current Mailing Address
Permanent Mailing Address

Your permanent address is where you reside when you’re not staying at college, such as a parent’s house.


If you are unsure of which college you will be attending, you may leave the college information blank. You must attend a Michigan college to receive the scholarship.

High School Information

Accepted transcript file upload types include: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODF, TXT, PDF. Transcripts are not required to be “official”

College/University Information

Only students pursuing degrees related to science, technology, engineering and math are eligible to apply.

NDIA / Military Affiliation

Are you currently a NDIA member or NDIA family member?

You are not required to be a NDIA member or military affiliated for scholarship eligibility.

Are you currently Active Duty Military or Active Duty family member?


What is your dream job after College, share your visions.

Describe a development, problem, or discovery that sparked your interest in STEM.

Describe outside interests, extra-curricular, and community service activities you have been involved with in high school or college.

Please limit your response to 300 words or less per question. Please upload a single file with each essay on a separate page.

Accepted essay file upload types include: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODF, TXT, PDF.


Reference Letter

Please provide a letter of reference from a non-family member: choose someone we can contact, someone who knows you well, and has knowledge of your capabilities and potential in your selected field. Please supply an email address or phone number.

Accepted reference letter file upload types include: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODF, TXT, PDF.

Reference Contact Information

Provide the contact information of the person who wrote your letter of recommendation.

Submit Data

Please be sure all information is complete and accurate before submitting. All fields are required.

Please submit any questions to stem@ndia-mich.org

NDIA Michigan is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of all STEM Scholarship applicants. Your information will be used exclusively by the NDIA STEM Scholarship Committee, and will not be intentionally disclosed or released to any third party without your expressed permission.