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We are seeking enthusiastic candidates to join our NDIA Michigan Chapter Board of Directors to make a positive impact on our defense community. As a Director, you will have opportunities to gain beneficial experience, meet new people and influence the value our chapter brings to the Michigan Defense community.

Looking for individuals who are engaged, committed to the NDIA's mission and what it does to support our community.


Call for Nominations closes on May 17, 2024

About the
NDIA Michigan Chapter

NDIA is the premier association representing all facets of the defense industrial base and serving all military services. NDIA has been at the forefront of defense technology and policy since 1919.

The Michigan Chapter of NDIA was founded in 1944. We currently have a strong membership base including individual and corporate members that support the Michigan Defense Community. NDIA is involved in a myriad of different activities that support all branches of the armed forces, local, state and federal government and the corporate entities that support the warfighters and first responders.

The Michigan Chapter is a subordinate organization under the umbrella of the NDIA National corporate structure, which is a 501 (c) 3 organization.


Supporting the warfighter by being the premier connector in Michigan’s defense community. The NDIA Michigan Chapter is a membership-based organization with a passion for bridging the gap between those who provide and those who use the best and latest in equipment and technology to keep our nation and its defenders safe.



  • Bring together the needs of the Department of Defense with the best in industry and academia.


  • As a trusted and unbiased party, offering opportunities for connection.


  • To ensure we have a ready and well-equipped force which assures the safety and security of our nation.
  • To protect and grow the defense industry in Michigan

Board of Director

  • Two-year term
  • Lead or participate on committee(s)
  • Attend Monthly Board meetings
  • Professionally contribute to the board’s deliberations
  • Voting rights on board decisions
  • Provide unique perspectives based on professional experience and expertise in a non-parochial way to represent the best interests of NDIA
  • Interaction with local defense leaders
  • Opportunity to attend all NDIA Michigan Chapter events
  • Possibility to influence local defense efforts
  • Bring together the needs of the DOD with Michigan’s best industries and academics
  • Lead or participate on committee(s), with a willingness to commit at least 5 hours a week to support effort(s).
  • Commitment to the NDIA and NDIA Michigan Chapter’s Missions

An opportunity to contribute by
shaping and building the
NDIA Michigan Chapter;
help make a difference in our defense community.

Nomination Process

If you or someone you know is interested in being nominated, please complete the form on the Nomination Link by May 17, 2024.

The Election Committee will review all nominated candidate submissions within 30 days of the Call closing. Then Election Committee will present all the candidates and its recommendations to the current NDIA Michigan Chapter Board of Directors. The Board will vote on the final candidates to be listed on the ballot.

The voting ballot is distributed with the Chapter members a month prior to the Annual Dinner Meeting on July 19, 2024.



Call for Nominations closes on May 17, 2024

For questions about the nomination or election process, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.